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A Woman Alone
503 Seiten (1990)

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A Woman Alone

Autor(in): Malcolm Ross

» The enchanting new Cornish saga from the bestselling author of "An Innocent Woman"

Der Verlag über dieses Buch (Klappentext):

There was never any doubt where Roseanne Kitto's future lay, least of all in her own mind. From her earliest teens she had been Mark Bodilly's girl. Then one day Stephen Morvah, the squire's son, far above her in social class, invites her to the local fair - a light-hearted jest that is to change all their lives.

Roseanne, torn between her two suitors, comes to wonder whether she is really in love with either. Her immediate way out of the quandary is both surprising and, by the standards of her time, shocking: she becomes "a woman alone".

The differing reactions of the two men - Mark passionately angry, Stephen passionately encouraging - do nothing to help her choose between them. She knows Stephen would be the better catch, but she feels life with Mark would always be richer, more exciting. Not until dramatic circumstances force one of the two into an action that utterly rules him out does Roseanne see the solution to her dilemma ...

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