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Milk in My Coffee
310 Seiten (1998)

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Milk in My Coffee

Autor(in): Eric Jerome Dickey

» from the Author of the #1 Blackboard Bestseller "Sister, Sister"

Der Verlag über dieses Buch (Klappentext):

Fresh from his small hometown in Tennessee where the color line is still a barrier folks don't cross, Jordan Greene was in culture shock when he first arrived in Manhattan. Now he's gotten used to the Big Apple's rough edges. He has a great friend named Solomon and a good job at a computer company way down on Wall Street, a pretty long ride from his apartment in Queens. Even longer is the growing distance between Jordan and his girlfriend J'nette. Then Kimberly walks into his life. She's a funny, spunky artist, gorgeous with her long red hair and Irish cream skin. That's the problem, especially for a man with Malcom X's picture on his office wall: Kimberly Chavers is white.

Falling hard and fast for a black man is only part of Kimberly's problem. She's wary of falling for any man at all. She has secrets she doesn't intend to share; and a past she hasn't put to rest. With so much unfinished business in her life, she isn't sure she wants to start a new relationship. But soon neither she nor Jordan are listening to their heads - only their hearts. That means facing the fallout from friends and families who don't understand, along with a truth that will shake Jordan's faith to the core ... and test the true power of love.

A provocative, true-to-life story of race and desire, love and commitment that gets the poignancy and complexity of relationship just right, "Milk in My Coffee" ist Eric Jerome Dickey's most entertaining and heartfelt novel yet. He writes about intimacy and emotion with striking authenticity and a canny wisdom that reveals what goes on in the minds and souls of brothers ... and the women who touch and transform their lives.

Eric Jerome Dickey, Originally from Memphis, Tennessee. He attended Carver High School and graduated from Memphis State University with a B.S. degree in Computer Systems Technology. A former computer programmer, middle school teacher, actor, and stand-up coming, he has also attended UCLA's creative writing program on a SEED scholarship sponsored by the International Black Writers and Artists/Los Angeles chapter. His first screenplay, "Cappucino", was directed and produced by Craig Ross, Jr. Dickey currently resides in Los Angeles.

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